He Must Like You By Danielle Younge-Ullman

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult, Feminism

“I’m in the middle of an epiphany—a shitty one. And the revelations don’t arrive in straight, clear lines, they come like cyclones, like explosions.”

This book covers subjects such as consent, abuse, justice, rage, sexual harassment, and overcoming life’s unfair obstacles. I didn’t know anything about this book when I started reading it, which is good because with the subject matter I probably would have avoided it. This book was triggering… for many reasons. But I’m glad I read it because it made me have to think about a lot of the things I’ve had to go through…

The story dives into the damage and confusion that comes from being cohered into sex (rape). As well as showing how ingrained and normalized rape culture is in society. The main character Libby is so resilient, hardworking, and brave. It was heartbreaking and relatable to watch her go through the motions of coming to terms and coping with what she went through. I was just trying to not cry most of the time and throughout I felt was soo enraged on Libby’s behalf.

Another major focus in this book is the abuse her family experiences from her father. It reminded me a lot of my own bipolar narcissist father. I am glad by the end they push him in the direction of therapy and treatment. Family dynamics within those situations can be so hard, and I think specifically the sibling dynamic was very realistic. Watching them being able to unite honestly brought me to tears. I didn’t always agree with every decision made but it was still very realistic.

There is romance in this, it wasn’t a major focus, but was cute. It allowed you to see how trauma can impact and make future relationships more difficult. I am very happy that she found someone understanding and patient with her. This is such an important story to be told, and it was just really well done.

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