The Girls I’ve Been By Tess Sharpe

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, Thriller, LGBT+

“I fell like a star and she was the end of the world. A cataclysmic crash of two people. Never to be the same. Never getting back up. Not unless we were doing it together.”

This book follows Nora, a daughter and protégé a con artist. During this time Nora overcomes many really horrible things and finally is able to escape her mother and that life. Getting to finally live a normal life with romance and drama she, her ex and her girlfriend are taken hostage in a bank robbery.

Nora is absolutely incredible!!! She’s badass, morally-grey, clever, a survivor and I would die for her. Throughout the book, you get to experience flashbacks of Nora’s life that allow you to understand why she is the person she is. She’s has to overcome so many horrible things and I think the author did a good job at discussing very trigger topics. Nora’s internal dialogue really allows you to deeply connect with her, which just makes you love her more. Many survivors will be able to relate and feel connected to her character. I didn’t care much about the heist but enjoyed it regardless since it was crucial to the story. I found myself just dedicated the flashbacks of her life, I wanted to figure her out.

You get to see a good picture of each of the relationships in her life, their connection, and how blood doesn’t mean shit compared to found family. Nora is bisexual which made me so happy! The romance and love-triangle is really good, the focus was more on how love can heal and push you. Wes (her ex-boyfriend) and Iris (her girlfriend) are such incredible and wholesome characters; Wes is so sweet, and Iris is such a bad bitch, I love them! I am so glad they have each other since they all have their own individual trauma. This book was unique, thrilling and put me on an emotional rollercoaster. I didn’t think I would like it as much as I did, but it is totally worth the read and can’t wait to see the adaptation.

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