Shadow and Bone Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is a spoiler-free review.

The show centres around Alina Starkov, a soldier from war-torn Ravka, who discovers that she has the mythical power to summon light and now has the responsibility to save her country from the wrath of darkness. As well as the Crows a crew of criminals who are from Ketterdarm who is given a heist that can change their life. This is based on the Grishaverse Series by Leigh Bardugo, which is such an amazing series of books.

As a huge fan of the books I have been following the creation of this from the first announcement and was elated to finally sit down and binge it all. From the moment it began I started screaming, it was so amazing to see this world and characters come to life. Getting to see the horrifying shadow fold, the bustling streets of Ketterdam and the elegance of the little palace… honestly makes me emotional. The costumes, props, and sets were so high and budget it really helped me get completely immersed!

Let me start by screaming about my favourites the crows. I am so happy with the casting, Freddy (Kaz), Amita (Inej), Kit (Jesper), Danielle (Nina), and Calahan (Matthias) did such an incredible job at bringing these characters to life. They were everything I wanted them to be and I was laughing out loud at almost every scene. I am obsessed with them and can’t wait to see more of them altogether. I loved how you can see their friend and dedication to each other, and I want more! I can go on about each one of them because they were all just that incredible, I was screaming at my scream with love.

I didn’t enjoy the Grisha Trilogy Books as much as I enjoyed the Six of Crows. But these characters on screen was everything I needed. Jessie (Alina), Archie (Mal) did such an amazing job and making me become absolutely obsessed with these characters. I am so glad they changed Mal’s story, it’s what I wish he was in the book, so I finally got to fall in love and root for them. Their whole romance makes me so emotional and I believed every single second for their love. When reading the series I was far more interested in hearing about the darkling, so the fact that I was crying over Malina is insane.

Ben (The Darkling) also did such an incredible job at bringing one of my favourite villains to life. I was super scared that he wouldn’t do him justice but he sure did. But I think due to the storyline changes and the speed in which the story must progress they did he did come off less charming and way more of a villain from very early on. He also told her his name so early which makes me sad, but either way, he still was such an incredible villain.

Daisy (Genya), Sujaya (Zoya), Simon (Ivan), Zoë (Baghra) and of course The Goat (Milo) also did incredible jobs and it was great to see all these characters. I loved how the romances played out for everyone and I am so happy with the pacing of everything. It was really insane to see the Six of Crows universe interact with The Grisha Trilogy and I was screaming every time characters interacted. I thought it was so clever and fun how the stories were woven together while still staying so true to the original stories and characters.

By the ending, I was emotionally winded and so happy. I loved every single moment of this and it’s sad that I have to wait for more. I am so excited to see how the rest of the story will unfold and how the rest of the characters in the series will be introduced. Leigh Bardugo is such an incredible person and writer and I am so happy more people are getting introduced to this universe and world.

no mourners no funerals.

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