If I Never Met You By Mhairi McFarlane

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Adult

“Keep a close eye on the worst things that happened to you, they could turn out to be a doorway, a route to someplace else entirely, a map you couldn’t yet read.”

Laurie’s partner of over a decade suddenly ends things and she is left heartbroken. What makes it worse is that they are coworkers, so when everyone starts talking about his new baby, she can’t handle the humiliation. Jamie the office playboy needs to improve his reputation, they decide to fake date.

This book started off big and watching Laurie come to terms with her breakup was heartbreaking. The relationship felt so real, and I was so upset for her that I looked at my husband and threaten him to never pull this shit. I did like Laurie, she was funny, strong, bold and I liked watching her rediscover herself. Jamie was flirty, smart, romantic, progressive, and of course very hot. I was so invested in their relationship and loved how they were able to bring the best out of each other.

There was a lot of focus on relationships and how they can change, grow, or end. Laurie’s relationship with her father hit really close to home which meant I cried a lot. I was so happy that she stood up to him and put herself first. Towards the ending Laurie had some annoying moments, that made me shake my head. I didn’t love the ending, it felt rushed but overall, I thought it was a super cute read, what can I say I really enjoy slow burn romance and fake dating.

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