Which Romance Trope Am I?

So as a huge fan of romance, I was so happy to be tagged by Whispering Stories to take this quiz! I honestly have no idea what I will get but let’s jump right into the quiz.

1. If your love is throwing a party, what is the most likely thing you will do?

I’ve been married for a while now so these were difficult to answer. Realistically I wouldn’t have been able to go to a party because my family was very very strict. But ignoring that, I probably would be trying my hardest to talk to them and trying to get their attention. I probably would end up being shameless about it, notice me sempai!

2. Night at the movies! Which of these romcoms are you watching?

This was such an easy pick, The Proposal is such a great film. If you don’t know what it’s about a pushy boss that forces her assistant to marry her in order to keep her visa status in the USA. Listen, enemies to lovers mixed with fake marriage is probably one of my favourite romance tropes. There is just something so fun about it!

3. You don’t have a date for your friends wedding! Who will you bring as your +1?

I was going to choose that spouse, but going with your best friends sibling but the fake dating trope? Sounds like so much fun, and the potential of marrying into my “best friends” family? That has my name all over it.

4. Most nights someone will find you…

I actually am probably reading or watching anime, but watching movies on Discord is closest to the truth. The first option is so sad, I am sorry for anyone who has to listen to their parents complain, I do not miss being a teenager.

5. Birthday Month

I am a September baby! Libra, Sagittarius Ascendant with Moon in Cancer, whatever that means?

Now for the Results:

Even though this isn’t my favourite trope, it is so accurate to my life. I had a crush on my husband for years before I actually got his attention. I got to be his friend, watch him date other people and turns out he was my soulmate. The chase was a long one but worth it so that I got to live out my own trope, can you tell I am a hopeless romantic?

That was fun! I am new to WordPress so hopefully, these tags work! If you don’t want to do this, no pressure! Comment your results instead.

1. UncommonlyBound

2. Ruthsic

3. Musing By Michelle

4. Julesbookcorner

4. You! Yes you reading this! Lets follow each other and be friends!

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