A Pho Love Story By Loan Le

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Genre: Food, Romance, Young Adult

“She’s scared. And I wish I could tell her that I am too, that I don’t know how it’ll work. But if we could just hold hands a bit longer maybe we could figure it out.”

Bao Nguyen and Linh Mai both go to school together and work at their parent’s pho restaurant that happens neighbouring restaurants. They’ve avoided each other for most of their lives because of a feud between the family. But due to school, they’ve been forced to work together and end up connecting. As they get closer they uncover family secrets help each other grow and fall in love.

I really enjoyed this book and wished there were books like this when I was growing up. This is a cute Vietnamese coming of age romance told from two perspectives. Bao and Linh were both really well fleshed out characters and it was great watching them develop and grow. They had a pretty healthy and mature relationship which was really refreshing.

The mystery behind the family feud was probably the most interesting aspect. I honestly didn’t expect it and was super satisfied with how everything is resolved and answered. As an Indian person, I think this book does a great job at showing common racist encounters that POC encounter. Being the children of immigrant parents changes the way you interact with the world and it’s so great to see that representation in a book.

This book has a lot of talk about very delicious sounding food, which made me incredibly hungry while reading it. There were moments where it felt slow and dragged on a bit but overall is an important and entertaining story that anyone who enjoys contemporary romance should read; also what an incredible and cute cover!!

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