Fat Chance, Charlie Vega by Crystal Maldonado

“You have to really be kind to yourself and look out for yourself because the world can be cold and cruel. Don’t feel bad, ever, about putting yourself first.”

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Charlie is fat and is trying to learn how to love herself regardless of the people in her life not making it easy. The one person she has is Amelia who happens to be perfect, so when Charlie finds out that the guy she likes actually liked her friend first, a struggle ensues.

I honestly loved this book so much. I am no longer a teenager so I didn’t think a coming-of-age story would hit me so hard, but it did. Growing up plus-sized was a very difficult and lonely experience and I’m so happy that this type of representation now exists.

Charlie was beautiful, strong, and so easy to love. I related to her so much and watching her overcome obstacles and develop made me so happy. I loved watching her relationships develop and grow and I think Crystal Maldonado did an amazing job at bringing all the characters to life.

The romance is really cute and I loved how it developed but, it wasn’t the focus of the book. Overall really enjoyed it, it was slow at moments but it didn’t bother me. I honestly recommend this book and think Charlie Vega will be able to make so many girls feel less lonely in their skin.

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