The Last Goodbye by Fiona Lucas

“Everyone Anna knew had questions in their eyes these days when they spoke to her. Often, the same questions. But they were afraid of saying the wrong thing. Or not saying the right thing. Anna lives in a minefield of eggshells.”

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Anna lost the love of her life, leaving her world shattered. On New Year’s Eve, Anna she calls his phone to hear his voice, but someone new has already got his number. When Brody pick’s up the phone he empathises with Anna, and soon they’re chatting more often as they begin to open up to each other.

This is a beautiful, hopeful and devastating story about loss and healing. When I read the synopsis I didn’t know how the author would make this concept work but she sure did. I was so invested in Anna’s story and honestly couldn’t and feel very protective over her. I enjoyed that you get to hear Brody’s perspective but are kept in the dark about his history like Anna is.

Anna and Brody’s connection felt so genuine and it’s was so heartwarming that they were able to help each other heal and learn to smile again. I was so invested in their relationship and was screaming as soon as they started to catch feelings. I think the author did a wonderful job showing grief and trauma and I felt my heartbreak for these characters.

I was happy with the ending and totally recommend this. I think this should become a movie, it was just very well written that it played like a film in my head. Overall highly recommend this and don’t think I will forget this story anytime soon. I can’t wait to see what the author writes next.

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