September Wrap-Up

I am in my last semester of school, it is hardcore kicking my ass. I managed to read some great books despite that and now I’m writing this post on my birthday. Happy Birthday to me and Halsey of course… they are my entire personality till I find something else to obsess over. This month I read some books I absolutely loved, subscribe or follow to get notified when my full reviews are posted. But to highlight a few I loved, Steelstriker, Kingdom of the Wicked, and Jane Doe were incredible reads that I highly recommend. Sadly I was left very disappointed by So We Meet Again, don’t think Suzanne Park is for me.

Side note, if you’re 18+ and love Harry Potter, my friends made a Hogwarts Discord and you should join! This is me personally giving you your long-awaited Hogwarts acceptance letter.

Click Here to Join.

Anyway, here are the books I finish this month:

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