↬ Welcome To My Blog!
My name is Riyu and I spend most of my free time reading and love getting to escape into a different universe with romance and magic. Even though I am not a great writer, writing reviews and connecting with readers and authors makes me really happy.

↬ Antagonists!
I love antagonists and morally grey characters! They play an important role in a story, they are flawed, complex and are sometimes hot. I love getting to analyze them and before I’m asked, I obviously don’t condone their actions.

↬ My Reviews!
The majority of my reviews are spoiler-free and my ratings are based on how much I enjoy the characters, themes, and story. I am not a hate reviewer, and will only read books I think I will like. If I review a book it does not mean that I support or agree with the actions or opinions of the author.

❝ We’re all an antagonist in someone’s story